On behalf of the thesis faculty and students, welcome to the 2021 Graduate Architecture Thesis Reviews at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

We need something to celebrate. After enduring months of uncertainty in so many aspects of our lives – including an ongoing pandemic, a protracted transition of power, and a volatile economy – graduation can make one acutely aware of the various unknowns that frame our present world. How does one even finish a thesis when the planet seems to be falling apart? How does one conduct a yearlong research project when 280-character missives can instantaneously effect social and political change? How does one critically engage the built environment when the safest way to engage each other is through screens? We don’t know, and we’re all just trying to figure it out.

What we do know is that our students are not immobilized by these questions; if anything, this cohort has taken action in ways that we haven’t seen before. Their calls to decolonize pedagogy, to center racial justice, and to dismantle oppressive systems are opening up more equitable models for design education and practice. This desire to challenge the status quo makes the discursive space and experimental spirit unique to thesis more relevant and urgent than ever. Now, as we celebrate this graduating class and the culmination of their time at the college, we hope this group of community organizers, spatial practitioners, and visual instigators will share their insights and newfound curiosities through future work.

There are ten thesis groups whose topics, methods, and sites range broadly. The projects featured here are the result of a thesis development seminar in the Fall 2020 term and a studio in the Winter 2021 term. The final reviews will take place online.

We hope you enjoy the work.

Cyrus Peñarroyo
Assistant Professor
2020–2021 M.Arch Thesis Coordinator

2020–2021 Thesis Faculty

Matias del Campo
Perry Kulper
Malcolm McCullough
John McMorrough
Julia McMorrough
Keith Mitnick
Tsz Yan Ng
Cyrus Peñarroyo
Gina Reichert
Mireille Roddier
Jose Sanchez
Invited Critics

Masoud Akbarzadeh – University of Pennsylvania
Laura Battaglia – Hampton University
David Brown – University of Illinois at Chicago
Lori Brown – Syracuse University
Tom Buresh – University of California, Berkeley
Nat Chard – The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL
Mollie Claypool – The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL
Brandon Clifford – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Peggy Deamer – Yale University
Dan D’Oca – Harvard Graduate School of Design
Sarah Dunn – University of Illinois at Chicago
Rania Ghosn – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Iker Gil – MAS Studio
Stefan Gruber – Carnegie Mellon University
Joyce Hwang – University at Buffalo
Lydia Kallipoliti – The Cooper Union
Salvador Lindquist – University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Lev Manovich – The City University of New York
James Macgillivray – University of Toronto
Tomas Mendez Echenagucia – University of Washington
Ana Miljacki – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stefana Parascho – Princeton University
Sophia Psarra – The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL
Casey Rehm – Southern California Institute of Architecture
Gilles Retsin – The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL
Ozayr Saloojee – Carleton University
Stephanie Sherman – University of California, San Diego
Antje Steinmuller – California College of the Arts
Georgeen Theodore – New Jersey Institute of Technology
Michael Young – The Cooper Union
Mimi Zeiger – Southern California Institute of Architecture

Super Jury

Hazel Edwards – Howard University
Alessandra Ponte – Université de Montréal
Jacqueline Shaw – Rhode Island School of Design
Lola Sheppard – University of Waterloo
Geoffrey Thün – University of Michigan

2020–2021 Thesis Students

Benjamin Alexander
Mackenzie Anderson
Casey Ash
Christy Au
Lindsay Barranco
Meredith Bickett
Eni Bogdani
James Cameron Bradberry
Sarah Marie Britain
Caitlyn Brunner
Nicholas Button
Kristina Cantarero
McHugh Carroll
Cynthia Castro
Clark Cheng
Yanfeng Chen
Xixi Chen
Stef Chizmadia
Dana Cohen
Allison Corey
Christine Darragh
Gibson Davis
Mitch Deans
Adrian DiCorato
Nicholas Di Donato
Qile Ding
Huiting Du
Emily Ebersol
Zach Effa
Alan Escareño
Charlotte Fuss
Tyler Gaeth
Nicolas Garcia
Alaina Gentles
Liyah George
Lei Guo
Yiran Guo
Emre Guven
Sharo Hadid
Bates Hagood
Jeong Su Han
Jacquelyn Hecker
Charlene Hobbs
Niels Hoyle-Dodson
Yuchun Huang
Yuhao Huang
Ellianne Huizinga
Audrey Hunt
Abigail Incontro
Shraddha Jain
Mingrui Jiang
Mollie Karasch
Mukshatu Khanam
Hannah Kirkpatrick
Zhang Kun
Chun Lam
Carley Leckie
Ho Kyung Lee
Jamie Lee
Xiaoye Li
Zihao Li
Ziyuan Li
Nan Liang
Yuxin Lin
Amelia Linde
Laura Lisbona
Motong Liu
Zhiyu Liu
Yang Lu
Simeng Ma
Kathryn Mallory
Victor Mardikian
Majd Mattar
Kayla McCabe
Thomas McCormick
Lyse Messmer
Mytreyi Metta
Andrew Miller
Josh Myers
Tiannuo Ouyang
Meghan Owens
Grant Parker
Brian Pekar
Brady Preiss
Christopher Prinsen
Abbie Probst
Olivia Raisanen
Tejashrii Shankar Raman
Peter Recht
Waylon Streiff Richmond
Madison Rogers
Nicole Rusk
Siamak Saadati
Hana Saifullah
Alex Salvadero
Bruna Iunes Sanches
Micki Sartori
Jay Schairbaum
Emma Schmitt
Kartik Shah
Dongseop Shin
Claire Shue
Shoshanna Sidell
David Siepmann
Torri Smith
Liz Soyka
Zach Stewart
Alexander Sulek
Jiazhen Sun
Xingyue Sun
Hallee Thompson
Karina Tirado
Kaylee Tucker
Nicole Urban
Jiayang Wang
Michael Werkmeister
Jamie Wiberg
Kylie Williams
Kei-Wing Wong
Man Wu
Danrui Xiang
Andrew Yang
Cynthia I-Yun Yang
Jessica Yelk
Xiang Yin
Shujian You
Dongjian Yuan
Gary Zhang
Zhuzhen Zhang
Jun Zhou
Yiyi Zhou

2020–2021 Architecture Faculty

Ellie Abrons
Zain Abuseir
Robert Adams
Arash Adel
Mania Aghaei Meibodi
Laida Aguirre
Sean Ahlquist
María Arquero de Alarcón
Craig Borum
Bryan Boyer
McLain Clutter
Jacob Comerci
Matias del Campo
Karen Duan
Robert Fishman
Adam Fure
Dawn Gilpin
Lars Gräbner
Catherine Griffiths
Linda Groat
Sharon Haar
Peter Halquist
Christina Hansen
Melissa Harris
Andrew Herscher
Irene Hwang
Andrew Ibrahim
El Hadi Jazairy
Lars Junghans
Michael Kennedy
Jong-Jin Kim
Joy Knoblauch
Perry Kulper
Ana María León
Yojairo Lomeli
Ann Lui
Jen Maigret
Steven Mankouche
John Marshall
Jonathan Massey
Kit McCullough
Malcolm McCullough
Wesley McGee
John McMorrough
Julia McMorrough
Eduardo Mediero
Mark Meier
Meredith Miller
Keith Mitnick
Thomas Moran
Upali Nanda
Mojtaba Navvab
Catie Newell
Tsz Yan Ng
Bryan Norwood
Ana Morcillo Pallarés
Cyrus Peñarroyo
Gina Reichert
Neal Robinson
Mireille Roddier
Jonathan Rule
Jose Sanchez
Anya Sirota
Roy Strickland
Jono Sturt
Geoffrey Thün
Achim Timmerman
Anca Trandafirescu
Christian Unverzagt
Kathy Velikov
Peter von Bülow
Claudia Wigger
Glenn Wilcox
Craig Wilkins
De Peter Yi
Claire Zimmerman

Special thanks to Anne Redmond for her help with the printed publication.