In Coherent Worlds
Media Production Facility

Amid conflicting desires and exigencies, architecture's charge is to bring coherence into an incoherent world. Toward that end, and in order to expand the tools at the disposal of architectural design, this thesis studio modeled the processes of production design in motion pictures (theater, film, video, digital) that engage the parallel problematics of content and configuration. The studio takes a technology- and technique-based approach to generate narratively charged structures, in the form of buildings for media production, with supporting videos to expand and explicate the effort.

In the fall, participants worked in seminar and workshop formats to explore the relationship between physical space and recorded images, using case studies of facilities and their associated productions, as well as experimenting in generating their own architectural and mediatic sensibilities. The winter term was in studio format and was devoted to the development of the final thesis project as a media production facility building, the specifics of which were determined by each student.

Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough