Village for an Art Forger

“The history of most things, or at least modern things, could be redesigned through an archaeology of proper and improper names, pseudonyms, alibis, forgeries and makers’ marks” - Sylvia Lavin

Village for an Art Forger designs histories (and forges mythologies). Our site is the overlap of the dark web and the real world, the proverbial “scene of the crime”. The thesis is situated simultaneously in the glitched, corrupted world of digital image reproduction and in the Zone of Death, a 50 sq mi Idaho section of Yellowstone National Park in which, as a result of a purported loophole in the Constitution of the United States, a criminal could theoretically get away with any crime, up to and including murder.

Drawing from Foucault’s concept of Heterotopias, the thesis imagines an ontological curiosity cabinet of otherness, architecture at the periphery of ‘the canon.’ It exaggerates elements of otherness and their structural expression. In the village, the unique characteristics of the internet - chatrooms, shady forums, the dark web, social networks, encryption, etc. - form a structure for subversive activity. Focused on the weird and subversive, the thesis utilizes a codex of “apparatuses” to produce purpose-built social, cultural, economic and environmental intersections - a folly, a house, an archive, a studio - a village for an art forger in the digital age.
Faculty Advisor:
Perry Kulper