Psychological Rejuvenation

Mental health is the psychological, emotional, and social well-being that directly impacts an individual's ability to cope with a cognitive understanding of everyday situations. With over 970 million reported people (13% of the population) struggling with conditions worldwide, mental health is among the leading causes of disabilities around the globe. More specifically, one out of five individuals suffer from a psychological disorder at one point in their lives, and out of those, one out of twenty-five do not seek medical assistance. The comprehension of management practices, around the welfare of mental health, is part of an ever-evolving process where well-being is enlightened through the new perspective brought forward with time. Public health groups, such as the World Health Organization, are placing an emphasis on mental well-being to provide a more well-rounded understanding of the psychological burden that shapes an individual’s health.

This project sets out to assess the neurological ramifications of mental well-being to create a collective residential environment that enhances the restorative nature through an inclusive management process. The prospective community will further expand an established network of mental health infrastructure in addition to opening a new component in the recovery process that the city of San Antonio, Texas lacks. This enables the residents on all segments of the well-being spectrum to join a community that fosters a safe space through a social support system, focused on strategic awareness of privacy, social scene, and reflection, to establish a manageable coping process for both those who circumvent medical assistance and those who seek medical support.
Faculty Advisor:
Gina Reichert