From Vitruvian Man to Vitruvian Snoopy

Consequently, ‘From Vitruvian Man to Vitruvian Snoopy’ asks how architectural elements can be changed, combined, interchanged, and developed, as a series of new typologies evolve through techniques of erasure, scaling, folding, and reconfiguring towards alternative fundamentals of contemporary architecture. It thinks about how to live flexibly, and to be adaptive to the environment, while wondering about how traditional Cartesian forms, and in Vitruvian Man, might be reformed, reshaped, and re-proportioned to produce alternative architecture.

A Roadside Desert Motel, a typology rich with potential, changes, by involuntary and voluntary influences, and by internal and external scenarios, while using techniques linked to time-lapse photography, pataphysics, surrealism, biotechnology, and virtuality. The thesis explores the possibilities of time, environment, and the psychological status of inhabitants, in relation to metamorphosis of architecture and how mass-production motels can be transformed into new entities.

The goal of ‘From Vitruvian Man to Vitruvian Snoopy’ is to develop a more flexible and adaptable “type” of architecture through typological experimentation, and its engagement with processes of metamorphosis, producing architecture that is changeable, reformable, and adaptable.
Faculty Advisor:
Perry Kulper