Discovery Factory Tower

Combining artistic communication with scientific discovery, this proposal is a laboratory for visual experimentation that enables new forms of visions and values. While providing a platform for on-site imaginative storytelling, science and art are merged, and visual exploration emerges. Rearranged relationships resulting from the Anthropocene become the genre of discovery and scenic backdrop of media production. In the mixture of audience and production, new forms of knowledge are found as reality is brought to life in an exaggerated way. Active shifts in parallax provide new perspectives of relationships at the human scale. Unearthing the invisible, this vertical factory of discoveries reveals the hidden art of science through multi-dimensional visualization.

The vertical orientation allows for a progression through the building removed from a clear datum of planar orientation, interlinking levels with layers of media production as circulation wraps around the production core. Experience pods, or production prototypes, bifurcate pathways and enable immersive re-projections on a vanishing horizon line at the transition between floor and wall: top floors house post-production and drone hangars. Dark spaces, such as studios and virtual environments, are located toward the center. As office spaces reach out into the building's margins, the transition from perimeter to the inner layers is marked by glimpses of the production processes. Located at the Freie Universität in Berlin, this proposal vertically extends the mat building megastructure, creating new dimensions programmatically and architecturally for humanist research.

"Producing art through science and science through art, nothing by default, everything DI-FACTO"
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough