The missing link between you and that 4k camera in your pocket

Drawing inspiration from community-oriented Hackerspaces, Makerspaces, and FabLabs, this facility is primarily for the lay public who wish to learn, produce, and exhibit media. This building employs a pedagogical 'stack' to guide its users through media production while also giving each programmatic element the requisite space, lighting, and sound control it requires. This project does not segregate the various activities that could take place in a media production facility. Instead, it expands the possibilities between these activities and sparks new or unique conditions through their cross-fertilization. The media produced will serve as a proof of concept that this building can accommodate a wide range of film genres, from a contemporary recreation of George Melies' A Trip to The Moon, to a DIY Home Improvement, to a show that streams to YouTube.

"Bringing Mass Media to The Masses."
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough