Activating the Between

This thesis proposes an architecture that acts as an intermediary between two seemingly disparate cultural groups. Operating through the lens of the fiction series, Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss, Activating the Between examines the two cultures of the Adem and the Commonwealth. Activating the Between explores how the cultural characteristics and values of each group become indexed in the vernacular architecture and objects of each group. These architectures and objects act both as an object, and as a representation of the object’s culture at large, becoming a legitimate point of cultural access.

By hybridizing the spatial qualities and objects of each culture, Activating the Between produces a new type of “both-and” architecture that belongs to both cultural groups, and neither simultaneously. Activating the Between acts as a possible working method to develop an architecture that offers people an opportunity to exist both within their own cultural framework, and outside it at the same time.