Forestry for the Commons

Timber demand is rapidly growing causing a pressing dilemma in the industry; greater demand equals greater extraction and disruption to our environment. The current privatized industry unfortunately lacks the regulation and governance to meet these demands sustainably. Forestry for the Commons is a hybrid factory that addresses efficiency, equity, and sustainability within the timber industry. The factory organizes the education, production, and distribution of cross laminated timber as a building material for the community.

Located at the recently closed Fingerle Lumber Yard in Ann Arbor, Michigan the Forestry for the Commons calls to question current industry models not unlike Katerra. Inspired by the Eames House and WikiHouse models, Forestry for the Commons’ discrete assemblages strive to promote a self-provisional supply chain for the community.  The CLT parts exercise a dichotomy between mass and surface as well as establish a common understanding of forestry resources, local collective production, and embodied energy use.
Faculty Advisor:
Jose Sanchez