Darkness Embellished

What does it mean to be seen? Much is hidden from our realities in the darkness. This thesis wraps itself in the darkness of our environments to explore what lies beneath, to make the unseen seen. Beginning through the lens of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the narrative reflects on how societies inability to see beyond the surface can lead to the demise of many. The creature, rejected from society, finds solace in the forest, wrapping himself in the darkness.

The work continues through exploring how atmospheric conditions express these notions of darkness or the sublimity of the unknown associated with them. At the heart of the work, lies a pursuit of the unknown - bringing forth the creatures from periphery to the center, as these environments simultaneously exist at the centers of our cities, but we are too far from the darkness to see them.

Through a series of experimental spaces, rooted in the archetypal city blocks of the everyday, the work resituates how we see our most common places, now with the darkness enveloping them. As we enter the unheimlich our minds expand outward reconnecting the creatures of the unknown, embellishing the darkness to find light.