Dynamic Configuration within
Extreme Openness

Inspired by special effects from Godzilla and spatial strategy from Centre Pompidou, the mountain-based media production facility provides a dynamic and gigantic spatial configuration that provides a high-quality production environment specifically for motion capturing and motion pictures. The media produced here will break through traditional production techniques and advanced technology like the LED wall, camera following, dynamic synchronization to accomplish motion shooting, and capture in the house as much as possible.

The four-story facility consists of one huge production space with more than 20,000 square feet, two levels of the back of the house, two levels of the roadside lobby, and public as well as logistic space. Structural elements are primarily distributed at peripherals of the building to give moveable equipment and crews adequate freedom for diverse production types. Taking advantage of the topography, lobbies at different levels separate the logistics and public space where different circulations ensure high efficiency.

"Where motion meets media."
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough