C-IN Studio
Crystal Kyoto Anime Center

Many scattered animation studios do not have stable production sites and work independently in the city now. To encourage creation and increase communication between studios, a collaborative working environment is desired. So, multifunction areas are organically combined in the production facility to motivate communications. Nearly all the production for anime now is preceded in anime studios with professional artists. They require a lot of digital assistance and space for the equipment. With the emergence of new technology developing in the industry, new forms of studios can exist and function in the building.

The building is in Kyoto city's southwest corner, near two main rapid railways with good transportation. This also provides the chance to have a good view from which to appreciate the building. To achieve the goal of viral communication on the different parts, glass must be used to build enclosures to keep eyes open and sound concealed. The building organization plays with the difference on floors to create visual gaps and break the boundary between the spaces. All the production facilities embrace the sunlight balcony, where the daily entertainments for animators can happen.

All the artists keen on anime are welcomed to join the family. No matter if you are an independent artist or have a senior group, you can always find a spot to share here: `you can work here, you can talk here, and you can have fun here, inviting both artists and fans to investigate the building and create a better production environment for animators.

"Let's C-IN a different way!"
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough