Common Wanderers

Common Wanderers is driven by an urgent need to rethink the ways that humans live in order to holistically work with ecological patterns and natural processes. It breaks down the dichotomy between city and nature by awakening the public to the complex, multi-species relationships that are present in urban environments, and does so with an emphasis on wildlife populations along the Chicago River. By prioritizing the needs of wildlife species in urban spaces, it creates a network of unhindered mobility for its inhabitants, with varying levels of density, privacy, and connection to fellow human wanderers.

The network is grounded by three nodes, each of which is a brownfield site whose conditions represent the stark contrast between industry on one side of the river and unkempt wilderness on the other. The primary meeting node is the site of the abandoned Damen Silos  - as buildings that were never intended for human occupation, here they are reconsidered for habitation by wildlife populations, retaining their sense of intrigue and mystery to the urban explorer, while still fostering an environment of care for creature habitation.

Common Wanderers builds awareness of multi-species relationships, fosters knowledge of how to cultivate healthy interactions across species, and promotes empathy for all beings impacted by the built environment.
Faculty Advisor:
Gina Reichert