Apocalyptic Reality
Facility for Envisioning the Relationship Between Architecture and Decay

This faculty examines (and is an example of) the temporality and permanence of architecture through the lens of biodegradable building materials and apocalyptic media - to educate/simulate/speculate how our world would be left without us. This study center will be made to experiment with the realities of the apocalypse and the experience of those realities. The architecture accommodates the ample logistical space for studios, model mock-ups, material testing, and various other creating through the big box's typology. The center's productions focus on showing the temporality of architecture and other permanent structures through the creation of apocalyptic content; through this, the line dividing between the experimental and the is experiential blurred.

"Why Wait for the End? Visit the Apocalypse Now!"
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough