A Vlog Production Facility Floating on
The Waters of Amsterdam

People now are passionate about recording and sharing their lives, as well as following the lives of others. Social media offers a free platform for everyone to do this through. The vlog (video blog) and its fans have been and will continue to be eager to explore a range of shooting, processing, and sharing methods.

The V-B(L)OAT building boat facility is a place both for vlog shooting and exhibition. It is based on grid systems that can hold volumes freely as well as hold different programs. A hostel is at the water level, which will host people and distribute them into different types of vlog studios on the upper levels. Anyone who comes here has stories and can be defined as a "vlogger," and anything they produce here can be called a "vlog." There will be no confinement of the user in this facility, they can make and show what they like.

"Recording Whatever Floats Your Boat!"
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough