Media Mansion
Synchronous / Multi-Narrative Production Facility

As both a discrete object and an assemblage of parts, this building exploits the scale, spatial, and programmatic complexity of the traditional mansion typology to create multiple synchronous productions with a fixed locale. Media Mansion is a facility where architecture serves as the site and set for media production as a home and work for its producers. Curating a choreography between the performative qualities of both building and artist negotiates between the highly specific nature of the mansion and the broad capabilities of multi-narrative media. Numerous distinct narratives are layered and interlaced through an architecture that may be directed with its performers. Engaging foreground, middle ground, and background to produce these nonlinear structured narratives, Media Mansion is a facility privy to the camera's eyes, producing media while also being a media object.

"Multiple Media to Inhabit."
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough