The Value of Vacancy

In the rust belt cities like Detroit, abandoned buildings either be carved up, traded, and sold as a commodity or face the destiny of demolition driven by the real estate. Architects are responsible for reclaiming space that has been abandoned due to neglect or lack of vision.

The Value of Vacancy project proposes adaptive reuse in the Packard Automotive Plant with modular components by using various geometries and colors. The aggregation of new pieces would completely alter the appearance of the old structure and bring the lost vitality. Within the new architectural structure, the relation between the old and new is discovered.

To pay respect to the industrial history of Packard Automotive Plant, the old structure is retained. I believe in the power of new architecture that maintains the historic heritage as an icon, adaptively use and develop the existing structure. Enriched dialogues brought by co-existence would trigger more possibilities, which would be applied to other similar situations.
Faculty Advisor:
Jose Sanchez