Michigan Media Mensa
A (Post-Covid) Instructional Facility

The Novel Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives. The 15-minute bus ride to class is now a mouse click away. From Monday morning client presentations to Friday night, parties are happening in the medium of the internet. These events can be synchronous or asynchronous - It's your choice! The project speculates on the post-COVID world and begins to formulate ways in which this extended media can be used to develop social engagement to the excitement of new, unknown exchanges. Said development is achieved by rethinking pedagogies and reintroducing how video experimentation modes, the medium of teaching, and learning are imagined. This project is for digital classrooms and performance spaces that aspire to become a hub for social exchange and expression through media. The building is a collection of studios scattered around playground-like spaces that operate as a physical medium for faculty and students to teach, learn, share, and express.

“Convenient, Accessible, and Accommodating...Go Green (Screen)!“
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough