Between Class

The public school is failing and the earth around us wailing.  Always in the name of progress, we digress, and so this Between Class hopes to address. The building is hollow and concerned about tomorrow. But what about now and how the buildings we use continue to confuse and abuse. What if instead we refuse that nothing can be done.

She believes that through listening, connecting, and releasing. We can reimagine the space of public school to be safe, fun, and alive. The attitude shifts and the shadow lifts revealing a schooling in healing.  Feeling valued creates a sense of belonging. This space becomes a place where people want to be and tells those in it that they are worthy.

Between Class cares in particular for the non-curricular spaces of the school: hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, the “out” side... The spaces between classes is where a lot of learning happens. When these spaces come alive, people begin to thrive as opposed to just survive. She encourages poetry, stories, curiosities, questioning, playing, stopping, breathing, making mistakes…

She doesn’t occupy the land. She asks for forgiveness and patience. The land agrees and says it’s been too long since they’ve talked. The two reminisce and tears are shed. The architecture hugs the land. “I will listen” she says. “I will do  better,” she says. Between Class reaches beyond the classroom and encourages learning outside those walls and into the community and the world.
Faculty Advisor:
Gina Reichert