The 4th Event

Inside the implied boundaries of a basketball court lies The 4th Event - a dashboard of comparative evaluation that addresses spatial practices and the agency of those who are seated at the table and those who weren’t invited. From participants to spectators, access to spaces of exclusivity operate on a private to public spectrum. Every line drawn on a floor plan acts to include certain users and exclude every other.  The thesis confronts this dissonant mediation of exclusiveness in the various lived forms it assumes across the country and the lines they draw: Marc Jacobs’ 2016 Fall runway show, the Inauguration of Joe Biden, and the trial of OJ Simpson. The 4th Event grants access to intimate levels of exclusivity by making it public through experiential data extraction that recreates a specialized solitude and places them in underutilized, inactive, and marginalized spaces.

The 4th Event collapses social and monetary disparities by removing the niche and loaded guest list that grants access to a specific few. Instead, it invites the multitude to examine the staged spatial choreography of the three sites where, implicit and explicit cues are both hidden, and exposed to the viewer, curating a fabricated reality that reflects our own. A simultaneous creation, and representation of reality, these re-stagings fold familiar events into a medium of representation that suddenly makes the familiar, strange by surgically removing it from behind the lens of a camera and placing it, in our local and tangible environment.

The 4th Event is a wall-breaking construction that frames fragmented memories and senses, to re-imagine what is being lived, as both a stage set and a landscape. Through questioning, theorizing, and conversing, the puzzles that comprise each stage may support a tensional and intentional play between the obvious, and the unknown that is, qualified by our own social, historical, sensorial and lived awareness.  
Faculty Advisor:
Perry Kulper