Tangible Public Broadcast Television Facility

Live talk shows as a genre where participating audiences' inclusion contributes to production not only represents self-expression to the public but also provides a hybrid format platform for citizen-to-citizen information exchange with power in leading the direction of public opinions. While the pandemic limits public events and physical contact between people, live video and online shows expand the public's notion, creating a digital space for events.  It is time for the public to realize the necessity of building their own media character and media production as new common knowledge and consider its relationship to the physical world to counterbalance the overemphasized digital toward a post-pandemic future.

This project seeks to build a television production facility more tangible for the public in urban environments and makes the media knowledge, environment, and facility accessible to public and creative talents. It houses PBS as an institution that broadcasts, studies, monitors, and educates the realities of the civic attributes of Grand Park in Los Angeles. By defining a new axis for media production spaces, which is superimposed with the urban fabric, it allows more interaction with physical surroundings and civic buildings, which manifests its connection to politics, culture, art, civic life, and the city itself. While the locality's vibe can augment the media production, the TV facility becomes a paradigm of architecture that provides a physically enhanced media world.

"Ready to air the public in 5,4,3,2,1...GO!"
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough