Blurring Surface

This thesis is challenging the default of separate surfaces in our dwelling space.

Human touch surfaces in life: we eat, sleep, work, survive with surfaces. While walls, floors have their typical construction systems, furniture surfaces have specific functions in the building. What if the settled specialization of different surfaces is blurred, and how will it change our daily life?The project tries to find the answer in the dwelling space as the life is changing in the COVID condition. When we stay home in 2021, “home” becomes a complex building, where we survive, work and have social contact. All of these activities are happening with surfaces like furniture and construction elements. By blurring surfaces, an updated living space is created as a response to the 2021 context.

As long surfaces go through different rooms, the continuity gives people the greatest flexibility. When mom is cooking on the surface, kids can play on the near, other part of this surface. The shared desk surface between the bedroom and the work studio satisfies new requirements during our online working at home.The curved surfaces provide both different heights for various functions and the form information of different spaces. As the blurring surfaces use its own words to build up our new living space, it is trying to break the limitations of programs and locations.
Faculty Advisor:
Julia McMorrough