Media Factory for Live Streaming Performance

The thesis explores the possibility of future live performances and the design of its media production facility.

Music, concerts, and performances could become the new industry. With the decline of the conventional material-based automation plant, the creative-based industry has shown the dawn of the future. For those industrial heritages from the last generation, being retired as culture monuments may not be the end of their journey. With the democratic concern of the former workers reposition, the sustainable attraction to the area, and the rethinking of those heritages' geographical value, this project brings a proposal that looks back to industrial heritages and looks forward to the future performance industry.

In this facility, with the multi-cam era live streaming, flexible spatial platform-style studios circulation, and dedicated programs design, the nonlinear narrative could be experienced and engaged in by audiences remotely. It is a chance to think about how architecture could push the performance to evolve. It is also an architectural response in the mid-21st century to John Cage's music manifesto. 

"The narrative is on your side."
Faculty Advisor:
John McMorrough