The Omniscient Library

The Omniscient Library is the library in a world where knowledge can be imported to the human brain directly.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid expansion of digitalization and networking, major changes have taken place in the carrier form, storage method, acquisition method, and service method of information resources. People can acquire knowledge more and more easily and conveniently. Information barriers are gradually being broken. Assume an extreme situation: There is a breakthrough that knowledge can be implanted to the human brain directly, all kinds of knowledge in the world can be recorded, copied and accessed with no cost. People can obtain whatever knowledge they need or interested in with no need for spending any time or money. There is no information barrier any more.

In the "paper age", the library is the supreme owner of paper resources. In the "digital age", digital resources have surpassed paper resources in terms of quantity and budget, and libraries are no longer the absolute owners of information resources. So, in the age of omniscience and omnipotence, where will the library go?

The Omniscient Library is a creative community and a trigger for people to access different kinds of information that can grow. It responds to the space of different scales of traditional libraries through variable combinations like Tetris. At the same time, it is combined in a purely organic form, growing and spreading in the city. It’s a Communication and Sharing space that can promote the circulation of knowledge, innovate the communication environment, focus on improving multi-element nutrition, and stimulate the vitality of the community.